Leather Goods Built to Last

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Selecting the perfect sling or harness is, arguably, an unenviable task for any photographer. Whilst it fills you with excitement comparable to the first time you ever picked up a camera, when you don a work changing harness. You can rest easy knowing like your style over the years will change, for the better...

Oh boy, who remembers the car crash that was over the top HDR... (to save some credibility, I didnt take or edit this!)

A camera strap or harness, is one of those commodities that warrants an investment, much like a piece of furniture or a musical instrument. In short, it’s equipment that desires to be held and cherished for years to come, and your chosen manufacturer should understand that investment and harbour the passion and the skill to accompany it. 

That’s where I come in. All the camera straps and harnesses I make and sell are made using quality vegetable-tanned hides, and, as a keen photographer myself, I’m aware of the significance of this equipment, third only behind your choice of lens and your camera itself. My heart and soul goes into my work, and it’s this passion that dictates my use of only the best materials.   

What I love about this process, and what I endorse most aside from its vastly superior ecological characteristics (yes seriously), is the ageing process the leather goes through. Unlike its chrome leather counterpart, the leather will be initially firmer, and will require breaking in. As they say, good things come to those who wait. 

Use is required in order to break it in. While some see this is as a con, I see it as a resounding pro. As the leather softens it will shape around you and your body, giving it a unique and personal identity, and fitting you like a glove.

As well, visually, the beauty of this leather will age like a good whisky, full of character and appeal. As with all genuine, high grade leather, it will generate a natural patina through everyday use. Parts of the leather will darken in colour as your hands hold and touch them, and any wear and tear will only assist to give the leather a much coveted, natural sheen. As such, the leather over time will take on an appearance entirely unique to you.

It will embody your experiences for years to come. Now to talk pounds and pence. From a value for money perspective, one of the appealing traits of vegetable tanned leather is, it’s durability, it really is a buy once material. If cared for in the right manner, it won’t ever crack or dry out. What’s more, it will retain its condition over time, a salute to its superiority to chrome leather in this regard.    

Suffice to say, my leather harnesses and slings have the chops to be a long term companion for you and your camera. An endorsement I make with ease because I truly believe in the quality of the leather and the process involved in manufacturing it. It’s challenging work, but it produces a worthy investment with an unmatched potential for every individual that wears one.

Now get out there and shoot!

This blog was written while in Snowdonia National Park. I took a few days off and got away for a little bit of r&r. Id recommend visiting this part of the world to anyone, some beautiful hikes and climbs. Enjoy a shot of mine of of looking up at the peak of Y Garn. Check out the route I took.


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