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For me, Cloverlily Leatherworks is not just about making leather goods. As a photographer myself I am aware of how hard and stressful it can be. So i wanted to make products that make being a professional photographer easier. They wont stop guests getting in the way so they can snap photos on their iPhone or help you sit through another heavily googled best man speech, but they will make you look good while you are doing your job.

This series called The People Behind the Lens, I want to introduce some of the real humans that use Cloverlily Leatherworks Products. The real pioneers, adventurers and the very best of the industries brightest talents.

So for this photographer its all about authenticity, and from my time talking to him, I realised he personified this and it wasn't just a sales pitch. Its an ethos I champion, and it mirrors my ethics that comes to life with the leather and materials I choose for my harnesses. So without further ado, introducing the effortlessly cool Gary Jude. 

Gary Jude Wedding Photographer

Ben O'Reilly - Hey mate! Lets start with an easy one what's your name, and where are you located?
Gary Jude - Gary Jude located in South Ockendon, Essex.
B - So, how long have you been a Pro and how did you get into photography?
G - I have been a wedding photographer for 3 years but it all started as a hobby a long time ago. Quite often I would be travelling so I would always have my camera with me. I was obsessed with street & landscape photography. Capturing candids of people being people was what I loved. Then realising that documentary wedding photography was an actual thing that people wanted I went all in and never looked back. I had zero passion for my full time office job so I wanted something I had a love for and something that would work well with my family.
B - Thats a great story! So, what is the coolest wedding venue you've shot at?
G - Cornish Tipi weddings. This place is amazing. There is a lake where the bride and groom get to go out on a little boat. Also a short 10 min drive you can get to Port Isaac for some stunning coastal shots. 
B - Nice! Sounds amazing. So you have a Cloverlily Bull Harness in Dark Brown. But for the equipment heads out there, when you're shooting weddings, what camera setups do you use with your Harness?
G - I am a Fuji shooter due to my style and my approach. They are small, light and very quiet. I always have 2x Fuji XT3 equipped with a 16mm 1.4 (24mm ffe) and a 50mm f2 lens (76mm ffe) I like to stay close to my subjects so my 24mm is my main workhorse. I also own a 90mm (135mm ffe) which is used for church weddings and couple portrait time. The harness never comes off!
B - I like to hear that! So now, if you had to sum up your style, you said Documentarian earlier, but can you delve a bit more into that, could you explain your process? 
G - My style is documentary with as much creative spark I can bring/find. It's a very common answer these days but this is honestly my style with zero directing. Even the couple photos it's just a let's go for a walk and can you stand there due to good light/composition. I would not be doing this job if I had to be a traditional wedding photographer. I just want people to be people. I love getting close and feeling the emotion of loved ones. It is a bit of an adrenaline rush if i am honest. I just want people to feel like they have a good friend close to them but one that has the honour in documenting the day.
B - Thanks Gary, and finally! Love the dog whats his/her name?
G - My dogs name is Bobby (named after Bobby Moore. I am a huge West Ham fan) He is a golden retriever and he is just amazing. He is my running partner and my best friend.   




If you want to get to know Gary Jude a bit more or want to check out his style you can get him on instagram or check out his great website below.

Instagram: @judephotographyuk




 If you want to reach out and do a The People Behind the Lens, just drop me a line.

And in honour of the man himself, this was the song I was listening to whilst writing this interview up.


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Gary Jude

Amazing stuff Ben. Was lovely talking to you. Love the little Beatles song at the end

January 4, 2021 at 20:03pm

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