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Feedback is important, It's the only way you can know you're heading in the right direction.

Plus it does wonders for my ego!

Here you'll find some of the unsolicited feedback I have received over the years.

If you have any unsolicited feedback or uncut critique you want featured on this page, please dont hesitate to get in touch.



R Simpson, England

5 Stars

I've used this Item multiple times for client jobs already in the space of a few days and its been such a comfortable fit, I can easily move my camera from my waist to the position I need my camera for the shot without the fear of snags or tears. The sleek design blends beautifully with my Uniform and the Belt clip means I can run on jobs without having my camera bounce around and potentially hit objects.
Overall this product is made with such high quality material that you will never want anything else. I'll be ordering a dual harness in the near future alongside some additional accessories.



E Barnes, USA

5 Stars

Wanted something for my XT4 with a battery grip. Something strong that will last for years.

ended up getting the Natural (blond looking) sling. Beautiful strap. Smells great, looks great.

it was worth the international shipping wait.

great customer service, nice guy




 N Pass, Germany

5 Stars

Ich bin sehr glücklich mit meinem Kamera-Gurt. Das Leder ist angenehm weich und gut verarbeitet. Besonders der Kundenservice und die Kommunikation war außerordentlich gut! Ben antwortet sehr schnell und hat mich sehr nett und gut beraten. Er fertigt die Gurte individuell nach Anforderung und Person an. 



I am very happy with my camera strap. The leather is pleasantly soft and well processed. The customer service and communication in particular were extremely good! Ben answers very quickly and gave me very nice and good advice. He makes the belts individually according to requirements and person.
Gladly again :)




artcondition, England

5 Stars

Really high quality strap for my Nikon Z6 and D800E. Seems to be very well made, with high quality metal components as well.

The leather is quite stiff on arrival and needs to be “worn in”, like proper boots. Highly recommended👍



R McEwen, Scotland

5 Stars

Love my new camera strap. This was a treat to myself during lockdown. The workmanship is brilliant and the quality is amazing. So pleased, thank you! 



N Watkins, England

5 Stars

This is a very high quality artisan leather sling strap. The materials are thick and durable and the finish is excellent. I look forward to years of use. Highly recommended.



S-A Prout, England

5 Stars

Thank you so much for making my beautiful red leather camera strap.

I used it for the first time yesterday and am over the moon to report it made my day so much easier. So much more comfortable and my back this morning doesn't feel like its been beaten senseless! I had so many compliments on it.

Thank you for going that extra mile and making something personal to me



G Jude, England

5 Stars

Absolutely amazing harness. Been using this for over 2 years now. Weddings is my main purpose but I also use it for my own personal lifestyle. Very comfortable and looks the part. Thank you for all your hard work and great communication throughout the process



L Marie, Germany

5 Stars

Herstellung und Lieferzeit haben bei meinem Gurt ca. 1 Monat gebraucht.. das ist Okay. Der Gurt ist optisch sehr schön und sehr angenehm zu tragen. Ich kann den Kauf zu dem Produkt weiterempfehlen.


Manufacture and delivery time took about 1 month for my belt. That's okay. The strap is visually very nice and very comfortable to wear. I can recommend the purchase to the product.



L Coppelman, USA

5 Stars

This was an absolute game changer for me as a professional photographer! After 11 years of running my business, I needed a more polished look for functions when I needed to carry two camera bodies. I also needed something highly functional, and durable. I cannot rave about the quality and beauty of this product enough. I just had the opportunity to break it in over the past week with multiple photo shoots a day, I cannot imagine working without it now. I have my hands again. Not to mention, the maker went above and beyond to ensure that I got it by a deadline that was before his normal turnaround time. Needless to say, I’m a very happy customer. Thanks again!



B Savin, Australia

5 Stars

Absolutely love it already!! No faults at all with this lovely business. So friendly to deal with and so prompt in sending out such a gorgeous product. Will definitely be recommending to other fellow photographers



T Eddy, Canada

5 Stars

Beautiful craftsmanship! I us d it to shoot my first wedding and not only did it save my back (12 hours!) but I received all kinds of compliments. Plus, fast overseas shipping to boot. I will use this all the time...thank you!



J Kurt-Schmidt, USA

5 Stars

I've searched years for just the right sling in a proper bridle leather and was the correct width, feel, and had acceptable hardware. 7 tries and this is finally the one. This is an awesome product. This is clearly made by someone who knows proper leather, uses the best hardware in practicality and in quality, and is a photographer who actually uses the product. Perfect.



S Zewe, Germany

5 Stars

My old camera strap, made from a soft Material, snatched during a hike and the camera got some scratches. Thats why I wanted a high-quality strap - and I love this one! I made a trip through Thailand and with this strap I had the camera always fast by the hand. At the same time it was always safe and for example couldn't be stolen, because of the good attchment to the strap. We made long walks but the camera and the strap never got heavy or disruptive. I really looove the strap!



R Wilkinson, Scotland

5 Stars

Great product which arrived very promptly. Any queries I had before ordering were dealt with in a professional manner and very quickly.
The harness is very well made with a lot of attention to detail.There are quite a few of this type of harness out there, but in my opinion, it would be difficult to find a similar product that would be better than this.



S Gall, Germany

5 Stars

Der Kameragurt kam sehr schnell hier an und ich bin davon begeistert. Der Gurt ist sehr durchdacht und praktisch. Ich war schon länger auf der Suche nach einem guten Slinggurt und ich habe ihn gefunden. Er trägt sich sehr angenehm, auch nach mehreren Stunden. Außerdem finde ich Leder immer noch schöner als Nylongurte.


The camera strap arrived here very quickly and I'm excited about it. The belt is very well thought out and practical. I've been looking for a good sling belt for a long time and I've found it. He wears himself very pleasantly, even after several hours. In addition, I still find leather more beautiful than nylon straps.



G Lumb, England

5 Stars

I'm extremely happy with this sturdy and stylish camera sling/strap and very grateful that I was kept up-to-date when there was a slight delay with the delivery (because of the delivery company, not Cloverlily) and also Ben's prompt efforts to resolve the issue. Great product and customer service. Thanks again.



D Ross, England

5 Stars

Beautifully made and love the attention to detail and finishes on this product. Bought as a gift for a professional photographer and the feedback is that they love it, it's super comfortable and makes accessing cameras so quick and easy whilst shooting. Highly recommended! x



J Moody, Mexico

5 Stars

Ben is so great! The strap is exactly what I needed. I was so so happy to finally find one that would convert from 2 cameras to 1. Ben was great at communicating. We had some issues with shipping that were completed out of his or my control (thank you Mexico postal service, ugh!)- but Ben was so great about keeping in touch and willing to jump right on making me a new product when we thought the first one was lost. In the end, I did receive the product allllll they way in my small Mexico town and I can't wait to use it! Thanks Ben! 



M Fairhurst, Mexico

5 Stars

Love how well thought-out the design is and how different colour and type of fittings are available.

Was a little worried that the strap part itself would be on the wide side, however I feel the width is just right, especially if used with a heavier camera.

A nice, hand made and finished item which I don’t feel would be available from a large retailer. Happy that I opted for this leather strap rather than one of the large manufacturer’s nylon offering.

Screw fitting to tripod mount ‘nips up’ well and I’m confident that it’ll hold well.

Looking forward to taking my camera out for a walk today with this strap. Previously I have either had my camera bouncing on a neck strap, or wore the neck strap across the body, taking my arm out and sometimes missing a shot!

Sent out on time, and was kept informed on delivery by the shop