FAQ & Care Information

Here you will find some of our most frequently asked questions about, how ordering works, our products and what theyre made of and how best to care for them.

Have a further question that isnt covered here? Feel free to reach out.


What are your leather goods made of?

All my leathergoods are made of the very best vegetable tanned leather, picked from a specific tannery in Italy.

Learn why the leather i choose is important here.

Where are your goods manufactured

All my leather goods are hande made by me, in my workshop in Folkestone, Kent.

Are your harnesses one size fits all

Humans aren’t one size fits all, neither are my leather goods.

Each harness is made to order, tailored to your specifications and to size.

The sizing information I need is: the users height and build/teeshirt size (8/10/11 or s/m/l etc)

This can be added on the product page in the order notes in the basket or by message/email after ordering.

Do I need the Bull or the Oxen?

As a general rule, I suggest the Bull if youre working with the harness.

How do I order?

Shop for the items you want and add it to your shopping cart. When you have finished, you can proceed to your shopping cart and check out. Check and ensure that all information is correct before confirming your purchases and payment.

Once paid, itll be allocated to manufacturing, this typically is started the next day.

How long will my order Take?

The Saying Goes, good things come to those who wait.
You are not ordering from Amazon here! These are premium slow made leather goods, made to order. Using traditonal techniques.

Typical turn around is 2-3 working days for small items and straps and 2-5 working days for slings and harnesses. Trust me, they are worth the wait.

If youre in a pinch. just fire me off an email I may be able to rush manufacture for a £10 rushed order charge

How do I pay for my orders?

We accept payments via Paypal and all major credit and debit cards such as Mastercard, VISA and American Express, Apple pay, google pay etc etc.

I can also take orders over the phone if im in my office.

Do you ship Internationally

I do! You will have to order from my Etsy store to recieve orders internationally (Thanks Brexit!)

Conditioning and Re-finishing

Who doesnt love a bit of TLC?

For conditioning and refinishing get yourself a good quality leather wax or oil (for example Terrago Mink Oil). Using a soft, clean cloth apply a pea sized bit of oil to the strap working it in on the skin side (outside) only, rub it in thoroughly and leave it to dry, removing excess that doesn't soak in. Apply a second coat if you feel it needs it, and you're done.

Easy peasy right?

Breaking in

Because of the use of vegetable tanned leather, all my straps and harnesses will mould to your shape and fit like a glove. The only way to get through this breaking in period is to... You guessed it. Wear it!

Patina Rushing/Colour Deepening

If you want to rush the development of the leathers patina or want to deepen the pieces colour, a nifty hack is to leave your strap or harness outside in the sun. Do ensure you do this only when there is no rain forecast, the straps are shower resistant but it will not like a downpour.


Its important to check rivets and fastenings before each use.

Typically my pre shoot ritual is:

  • Make sure the Chicago screw holding the straps together is done up tight
  • Check the fixing are secure and ensure all split rings havent jumped onto the holding pins
  • Check the straps for wear or damage
  • Check the 1/4" screw on the bottom of the cameras is tight.

Once done I know i'm ready to shoot


For Harnesses Delivery comes in two flavours, Express and Regular. Express is a 24 hour service and Regular is a 48 hour service, these times are upon completion of manufacture so it all depends on how impatient you are!

For small items it is sent 1st class large letter.

Can I leave you a review?

You can leave me a review either by visting my testimonials page, or leaving me a Google review.