What is a Sex Bolt and how did it change Cloverlily Harnesses for good.

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What is a Sex Bolt and how did it change Cloverlily Harnesses for good.

When designing my harness and strap system I wanted to develop on the already set in stone design principles of this popular style. To do this I came up with the idea to initially, analyse the pros and cons of a camera harness system. Where does the harness make working a positive experience and where does it hinder you, so with this in mind I took one of my early prototypes and I shot a wedding with it.

It was a prototype Bull harness in Natural, and this thing was a prototype in the truest sense, this thing was literally rough around the edges... in as much as it didn't have beveled edges and I wasn't using the more polished hardware I now use. The only item that has stood the test of time is the beefcake that is the Bull shackle but it was good enough for me to do my experiment.

I really put this thing through its paces I wanted to see if I could break it, not literally but in principle. 

It go to the end of the day and it was going pretty well I had a few ideas in mind on how to improve the harness in terms of size and hardware positioning. However, my biggest eureka moment when it gets later in the day. When the light dims and everyone starts to cut loose. I prefer to roll with a single camera and a nifty 50 (50mm f1.4) so I unclipped the rig I wanted to use and took my harness off and put it in my bag and grabbed my single sling and clipped my camera in.

Then it hit me - I cant expect double camera shooters to buy a double and a single harness on the off chance they want to shoot with one rig. I need to give them both in one package. It's such a simple idea, I needed to make it so they could separate.

So after a few days of prototyping and working on different systems i came up with the Harness you have today, that is connected with a lovingly named "Sex Bolt" (SFW Link to prove I am not making that up). But I prefer to call them by their other name Chicago Screw as to avoid confused emails or odd looks.

A Sex Bolt before... Uh, it gets put together.

A sex bolt before.. it uh, gets sexed together?


So there we have it a little insight into one of the more nuanced and unique points of my camera harness systems. 

This blog was written while in Market Square Folkestone enjoying a fantastic sourdough, poached egg and avocado brunch and listening to the amazing Julien Baker: