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I love making leather goods, its a genuine passion of mine. It makes me happy to start and finish a project. From selecting the hide to what rivet to use I enjoy every aspect of it. 

This love of what they do is also true of the next photographer in my The People Behind the Lens series. This one is a real treat, she isn't just a photographer, she is a story teller. If you dont believe me, check out her website and you'll see what I mean.

So without further adoo, introducing... Shianne Mercer.

Shianne Mercer Photography

Ben O'Reilly - Hey! To start, whats your name and where are you located? 
Shianne Mercer - My name is Shianne Mercer and I am located in Essex and cover all UK and International Destinations.


B - So, How long have you been a photographer and how did you get into it?
S - I studied photography from leaving school - whilst studying I was really into documentary lifestyle photography and based most of my projects around that. After graduating University I really struggled to grow my client base photographing families but then in 2018 I got asked by a friend to photograph their Wedding Reception and the rest is history. I would say I have always been a photographer but I set up Shianne Mercer Photography in 2019.


B - Thats great! So tell me... what is your proudest moment in photography?
S - I have two moments I am extremely proud of. Graduating from University for me was such a big achievement, it really isn't as easy as some may seem and I was always riddled with doubt. My tutors didn't always support my ideas and passion for photographing families and that was really difficult but I'm glad I stayed true to myself. My second proudest moment is winning the Best New Business 2020 award at the Essex Wedding Awards.


B - So you obviously shoot professionally, but what kind of thing gets you out shooting for fun?
S - This year I was really able to think about being creative with all the time we had spare. I met with another photographer who I began to network with during the beginning of the Pandemic and exchanged some branding photos - that was really fun! I definitely want to collaborate with other suppliers within the industry this year as well as plan some styled shoots.


B - What camera setup do you use typically with your Harness? What is your absolute go to bit of kit that would not be able to shoot without?
S - I have a dual harness so the majority of the time I carry two bodies and lenses. I shoot on a Canon 5d Mk III and Canon 6D with a 50mm lens and a Zoom lens so I have a variety of kit to work with and I love that.

 Shianne Shooting

B - I love a 50! So, If you had to describe your photography style how would you describe it?
S - I would describe my photography style as being relaxed and informative. I love to document emotion and narrative, personalities and to be able to tell a visual story with each photograph I take. My editing style is very earthy and warm with a slight vintage feel.


B - SO, 2020 wasn't the year any of us were expecting, how did you change to adapt to a rapidly changing world?
S - The most important thing was and still is about support, I supported all of my clients by accommodating changes when it came to their wedding dates and family sessions. If I was unable to make their arrangements I helped them to find alternative options they were happy with. My work in 2020 was bitter sweet but I took each day as it came and worked whenever I was able to. I was given time to focus on my business and developed my branding, website and also attended workshops to develop my photography skills and network with other creatives.

B - That sounds great, Finally, any advice to those who are maybe first picking up a camera or looking to make the leap to being a pro?
S - I feel photography is best taught through practising, I would advise any desired photographer to ask friends and family to model and shoot however much they can. Investment is such a big aspect to consider and investing into workshops is a great thing to do as you can learn and network with other photographers of all abilities as well as get amazing content involving high end suppliers. I highly recommend @milkshakekissesworkshop which is a workshop I have previously attended within the UK - Organised and run by a Photographer and Videographer who offer so much creative and educational support.




If you want to get to know Shianne a bit more or want to check out Her style you can get her on instagram or check out her great website below.

Instagram: @shiannemercerphotography


Shianne has the Cloverlily Double Camera Harness in Black

All photo credit goes to the wonderful @chloeellisphotography


 If you want to reach out and do a The People Behind the Lens, just drop me a line.

This interview was written up whilst listining to The Doors - La Woman


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