The People Behind the Lens - Amy Kolsteren - Mooie Fee Photography

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Photography like many things in life is a journey that never ends. You never stop learning, developing and creating. So you've got two choices, follow the beaten path or blaze your own trail.

The next Photographer in my People Behind the Lens series is one person who truly embodies this pioneering spirit and has blazed her own trail.

Without further ado, say hello to Amy from Mooie Fee Photography.

Amy from Mooie Fee Photography

Ben - What's your name, and where are you located? 

Amy - I’m Amy, a photographer based in Folkestone. I’ve lived in different areas of Kent all my life, but I’d definitely say Folkestone is my favourite place I’ve lived so far.

B - Yeah I am a Folkestone local too, its a great wee town and is only getting better! In fact the coastline has just been voted one of the best places to visit in the world! So, a bit about you, what is what is your drink of choice?

A - My drink of choice is most definitely a classic white coffee with oat milk. I can’t leave the house without one!

B - Well as they say the classics never go out of style, How long have you been a photographer and how did you get into it, how did the
journey start?

A - I’ve been a professional photographer for eight years now, three of those years full time, but my love of photography came about when I was a lot younger. I bought my camera everywhere with me, to school and family events and took thousands of photos to share. Photography has always been the only thing that stuck for me, I’ve had many hobbies over the years but my love for photography remains no matter what. When I started working in digital marketing in 2018, I realised there was a gap in the market for fun, joyful business and brand photography, so after just under a year, I decided to go full time in photography and jump straight in. Now I’m here three years later, with the most incredible clients and opportunities. I’m so eternally grateful and would never look back.

B - Thats a unique route for entry into the industry. What is the coolest event/or shoot you have worked at?

A - I absolutely love working with the fantastic local cookie and dips lady, Annabelle of Dunk Cookies. We always have so much fun on our shoots and her brand is so bright and colourful!

Annabelle of Dunk Cookies

B - Oh wow sounds amazing! How long have you been shooting with your Cloverlily Harness?

A - I actually remember the day I decided to purchase a Cloverlily harness, it was two days before a job with a well known company. I was so proud of myself for landing the gig that I wanted to treat myself as it was going to be a 13 hour day. It was in October 2019 and I messaged Ben asking if there was any chance he’d be able to make it for me with that quick turnaround. After explaining why I needed it, he was happy to oblige, and I’m so grateful because every shoot since has been so much more comfortable, being able to carry my camera with my whole back rather than my neck!

B - Lovely, so, what camera setup do you use typically with your Harness?

Typically I use my harness with just one camera, but I love that I have the option to use both if I need to carry my backup with a second lens. My main camera is the 6d Mark ii and my favourite lens is most definitely the 50mm Sigma ART, with my 20mm Sigma ART coming in a very close second.

B - Yeah I get a lot of pro's using just one setup now adays. and the art lenses are good, ive been looking at them myself recently! If you had to describe your shooting style, how would you describe it?

A - I’d say my style is very non-obtrusive, natural and fun! It’s more about enjoying the moment and capturing the real person in the photo rather than directing people into poses.

B - If you could give one piece of advice to any other budding photographers out there, what would it be?

Just go for it, keep on learning and listen to your instincts. Only listen to people you’d go to for advice, don’t take criticism from people whose opinions don’t matter. But most importantly, love what you do, and show that through your work and advertising.

B - thanks Amy!


If you want to get to know Amy's work a bit better, here are her links.

Instagram: @mooie_fee


Amy has the Cloverlily Double Harness in Antique Brown


If you want to reach out and do a The People Behind the Lens, just drop me a line.

This interview was written up whilst listening to the fantastic We Were Promised Jetpacks - Fat ChanceIm seeing these in December, it will be one of my first gigs since before the plague so I am thoroughly looking forward to it.


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Dark Brown Delay
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Holiday shutdown
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Thats a wrap folks

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