We do ship to The EU, however expect import delays and charges. We do ship to The EU, however expect import delays and charges.

A Workshop Edit and a Mini Update

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A Workshop Edit and a Mini Update

The devil is in the detail video

Spent a bit of time shooting some of the orders I have been working on today

Id be stoked if you let me know what you think

I am hoping to get some more content up over the coming months — some workshop edits, some how to's and some further insight into what Cloverlily Leatherworks is all about...

Mini Update

Ive invested some money in some new tools to help with production of a few new pieces that ill be dropping soon, a bit more traditional and homely, I am focusing this year to diversify my offering a lot as at the moment I feel I have all my eggs in photography stuff.

As you may or may not know, Cloverlily, now (as of November 2021) is my primary work, I still freelance some of my old skills (like the video for example) but I way prefer the peacefulness working with my hands.

If you told me in 2017 this would be my main income stream in 2022 id have laughed in your face.

I didn't take the route to this point i wanted to, but COVID gave me, and a lot of others a realisation of what is important.

My life has changed considerably in the past 24 months.


But enough of my babbling 


Go give 'em hell,



If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

I wrote this after a day bed bound with what i call runners flu (im mid training for Paris marathon), i ran for 2.5 hours the other morning and it's caught up with me I think. No music to listen to today, just give my video a watch and give me a congratulatory comment please.