We are Back!

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We are Back!

Lisbon, Portugal

Thanks for all the kind messages wishing me a good holiday etc! Honestly, I was a bit taken aback by it. You guys are the best! 

I was one of the lucky 15,000 that got caught up in the easyJet canceling flights fiasco so I have only just made it back in earnest now. I'll be working on getting some  of the rush/small orders set up and out the door today and replying to messages too. Full production is back up and running tomorrow so first dispatch of harnesses is Thursday.

If I dont get back to you by tomorrow, don't be afraid to give me a nudge!

I also used this holiday to test a prototype of a new product I've been working on. Pretty happy with how it turned out I'll be doing the finishing touches and getting the “pack shots” done by early next week so watch this space.

Also if you want to listen to a leather goods manufacturer for holiday advice, all the luck in the world to you, but Lisbon is a beautiful city and I cannot recommend it enough.

Thanks guys!





If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

I wrote this after literally just getting back from multiple cancelled and delayed flights, wishing I was back on holiday and obviously listening to Fado Music (Portuguese folk)


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