Overwhelmed! (in a good way)

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Pic unrelated*



Thank you for all the kind messages, comments, emails and phone-calls after the announcement that I am about to have a baby, it means so much. Thank you all!

March normally see's me limping over the finish line of my quiet period, as quarter 1 is normally pretty slow. So I also want to thank you for all the orders this month! It hasn't just been my busiest March ever, its been my busiest MONTH ever. I am literally so grateful!

I genuinely cannot put into words how much I appreciate all of you. Thank you all so much. Ive been putting the extra spends to good use buying, as recommended by some of you guys, a buttload of muslins!


But level with me, you have only been buying harnesses because you were not spending your pocket monies on tomatoes and peppers due to the shortage right...


I love you all,


* Its just the first photo I had to hand. Its proof of me finding some lost keys, but note it's one of my Draught Key Fobs after around 2 years of use. Lovely.




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