The final mile of a journey into Fatherhood

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Hello you lovely people,


Thats me, the one without the unfortunate face blurring condition (I am guessing taken 1997). Little did that guy know, a few global financial collapses later he would be having a baby. Anyway! I am calling it there and halting manufacturing so I can enjoy the final minutes/hours/days/weeks with R before baby comes.


Being pregnant is legitimately the most hardcore things a body can go through and she has fully tanked it without breaking a sweat, huge respect to her and generally anyone who has gone through and will go through this.


Back to business, all orders after midday 21st April will not be manufactured until mid May at the earliest. All orders before, have now been dispatched and are needling their way to their new forever homes.


Again, thank you all for such lovely messages, phone calls and emails, it means the world to Me, Bear, Luna, R and Burrito (our pet name for bump).


And thank you for your understanding and patience. 


I love and appreciate you all.




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