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New website live NOW. Well it went live on Saturday as I got too excited and my ability to have an active family weekend was scuppered due to Aoife bringing a Virus/Cold from nursery. So I knew I could monitor any issues that may pop up from the transition.

Im going to act like it ain't no big thing but it is. Ive been threatening it for the past 18 months, It's been in the works for the past 8 months but Ive been feverishly working on the front end for the past few weeks. Turning it from a single product website to a small catalogue website.

Lots of new features, the biggest is a text box on the Harness product pages so sizes can be input at point of order. Rather than in the cart/email/message after.

Its a little simpler than my previous one, easier to navigate and hopefully faster (last one looked good but lord was it slow)

It was tested but bugs are to be expected, any issues or odd routing please dont hesitate to let me know .




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