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What a week. My daughter started nursery this week, I’ve overtrained (riding and running) and things keep breaking so I’ve felt pretty all over the place. Pulled too thin and not winning anywhere. Then I realise i’m actually winning everywhere as works getting done and everyone is alive and happy (albeit the dogs can’t go on lovely walks as the car is broken). All about adjusting expectations and being kind to yourself.

I digress, I've been slowly working through my to do list and here are three of the new products i've been working on for 2024, a Peak design style regular neck strap (other fixings will be coming out this year), a small and more robust keyring. Ive been using one of these for the past 12 months so to not have them listed is criminal, so sue me I guess! And finally an incense holder, bit left field but again, sue me.


Cloverlily Kine Neck Strap

Cloverlily Veau Keychain

Cloverlily Incense holder

You may also notice a little short video too, I have been formulating a format for how I want videos to appear on page, here is the one for the Veau.






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