Longhorn Vs Double Camera Harness

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Longhorn Vs Double Camera Harness



Recently I have been getting a lot of questions, I MEAN A LOT. Like 2-4 a day. Asking about the difference between the longhorn 2.0 and the regular harness and is the 2.0 better? etc etc. I feel I need to clear some things up.

First off, they are different harness designs for different jobs.

Dark Brown Longhorn 2.0

Cloverlily Longhorn 2.0


Crafted for those where size and weight are a priority. For Travel photographers and wedding photographers who only have a 10kg cabin bag, two smaller rigs and a job booked somewhere so hot you wish you were sipping a cold beer instead.

If you have bigger setups or use heavier lenses, this harness can take it, but will pull more and ultimately impact your all day comfort.

This is a question of beauty hurts, as we all know, it does look cooler with its simple lines and thinner straps. But lets not pretend the regular harness looks timeless, like Rayban Wayfairerers or a Levis denim jacket.

Who is it for:

Small mirrorless/Lightweight DSLR shooters

Travel/location photographers

Those who prefer the aesthetic and dont mind the decreased comfort.


Cloverlily Double Camera Harness


There is a cowboy saying: A good dog on the ground is worth two in the saddle. Consider the Cloverlily Double Camera Harness your good dog on the ground. Keeping your rigs within hands reach, and more importantly keeping you looking and feeling good all day.

It is designed for all day comfort for those where size matters, for those where the bigger the lens the better photos, and when you push the shutter release for slightly too long you run the risk of filling up a 256GB memory card. (who needs 120fps for photography honestly?). Do you shoot with full body heavy DSLRs and primes? Easy. A Z9 and a 70-200? piece of cake. A teeny tiny point and shoot film camera, I mean do you need a harn... ok, yes it can, of course it can. Whatever your rig, this harness is up to the task.

You can even hang a third camera or accessories from the chest rings on the regular harness.

Who is it for:

Do you work with cameras? You.


It comes in 4 colours, just pick one and make your life easier.

Literally anyone.


In summary, where i think the confusion lies is in the 2.0 part of the Longhorns name - the Longhorn 2.0 is not the updated version of the regular harness, its the updated version of the Longhorn harness. With slight tweaks and improvements in hardware over the original design of the Longhorn.


I wrote this while I had to WFH - scaffolders are taking down scaffolding from my house and listening to hard house. Why do all scaffolders listen to hard house?

Hope this clears up any of the misconceptions about the harnesses.


Me and my partner are toying with the idea of moving to Bath, anyone have any feedback or thoughts as to why this might be a bad idea?





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I have just purchased my first Cloverlily dual camera harness from Ben, Excellent service from start to finish. ( especially as I had just visited three different manufacturers at the Photography Show in Birmingham and tried all the products from everyone ) The strap feels very comfortable and holds the two cameras, in position, very well. I had also ordered an extra piece for the chest harness and this arrived within a couple of days!! Thank you Ben. Will recommend this to others and update you if I have any other suggestions to enhance the product.

April 2, 2024 at 20:52pm

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