A breakup... and a mini update.

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Its with a heavy heart, that I have got to announce... I have decided to stop making the single regular cut slings in all colours. Sales used to be 60%/40% to harnesses but since 2022 I have sold just thirty slings... THIRTY! (22 in '22 and 8 this year).

For this reason and others we have made the difficult decision to part ways with the sling. (Mostly slings are a lousy drunk and cant handle the fact harnesses are the heavy hitter in the Cloverlily workshop)

Thanks for everything you've done slings, but, the people have decided you're not needed anymore. Go on, git.

The only one I'm keeping as a stock item for now, is the shorthorn.


Im still finding my way with my daughter and partner etc and trying to work 2-3 days a week so i can enjoy the first months with my daughter. But I've got some plans on new products for '24 at-least.

One of these is one ive had a few requests for over the past 4 months, matching belts. Im working on getting my belt finalised for public release, but if you want one to match your harness just let me know and I can cut one up for you.


Seems not as many antique brown cows were born again this year. As there may be another shortage of antique brown leather coming up like in '22. If you want an antique brown harness grab them whilst you can as stock may be out for a part of September.


Cheers and big love.



Photo is one i took when on a dog walk on the day of the sale of the first sling of 2022.


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