Like a fine wine

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Holy hell I have been through the ringer this year so far. What ever could go wrong has, but my luck, my luck is turning or by god I will die trying to turn it.

In the spirit of turning my luck, I have had some amazing news, my dog, confidant and best bud has been sick and has lump on his neck and we thought it was cancer but his test results came back negative! I have also been receiving amazing reviews and I am having my busiest month ever. Fanstastic.

Then last night whilst I was cooking me and R dinner , friend of Cloverlily Ian Bignell (you can read his his behind the lens here) uploads a photo of his harness after 2 years onto instagram and holy hell it looks good. 


Aged like a fine wine.
Thanks Ian, you made a good day even better, and thanks to you for reading.
Heres to good luck,


Ians details:

Instagram: @ianbignellphotography



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