A love letter to Sugar Cane - Packaging explainer

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I like to say even bad feedback is good feedback, however, I had some bad feedback from a customer thats stuck with me - I know you cant please them all but this one I felt I should address publicly.


"I suggest you improve your packaging, A £100 product shipped in a plastic bag is not good enough"


fair enough right...


No. Let me explain my packaging.


The mailer bags I choose are actually 100% carbon neutral - they're made of a plastic that comes from sugar cane, I chose sugar cane mailer bags entirely because its literally the greenest packaging material on the market.

It may not be a form of costly signalling by having a gold embossed logo emblazoned on the box or improve the customer experience by having a nice tactile interaction with the brand. But, ultimately, Im not in the business of making boxes, let alone boxes that you throw in the bin... I make premium leather-goods. I focus on the product being the experience.

I wont have customers if the world dies. I know cardboard is biodegradable... But we are not cutting down the Amazon Sugar Cane Forest to make mailer bags are we?


Thank you, this has been my Ted Talk


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