Cut the Bull! What is the difference between the Bull and Oxen?

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L: Oxen - R: Bull

What is the difference between then Bull and Oxen fixing I hear you ask?


500kg of tensile strength…


oh you wanted more? Ok, let’s go then.

The Oxen

The Oxen is the ideal bedfellow for those who are looking for something a little lighter, for the casual shooter or for those who don’t need a fail weight of half a tonne.

It’s a simpler design seen often on dog leads and bags but it fits snugly on the Cloverlily Slider.

Perfect For

  • Vintage shooters - if you don’t love vintage cameras, why? There’s something lovely about shooting analogue from time to time, it grounds you. Slows you down and let’s you appreciate gravity of freezing time. The Oxen is the ideal partner for your vintage rig, from the Canon EL to the Nikon F3 and everything else inbetween.


  • Travel cameras - I interrailed around Europe back when the world wasn’t burning and you could travel (those were the days) and I dreaded lugging around a few grands worth of kit just to snap a photo of the Louvre and a soup I ate in Prague that was served in a loaf of bread. I got myself a fuji x100 range camera and took that with me. Such a fun bit of kit and perfect for the oxen fixing.


  • Less expensive setups - Hey look, I get it, it’s cheaper but does largely the same job. This is a judgement free zone, we aren’t snobby here. I only want you to get out and shoot and have fun.


  • Point and shoot users - Are you getting into photography or just prefer the simplicity of a Point and shoot? Oxen will do the job, and then some!

The oxen is no slouch it will match almost anything you will throw at it, However, if you’re a working pro…

The Bull

You can be a veteran of the game, or be shooting your first season. The Bull can and will take anything you can throw at it.

The Bull is forged for a life at sea, prepared to be battered by the elements, yearning for adventure. 

Marine grade, heavy duty and a little bit ugly. The Bull won’t let you down.

Perfect For

  • Professionals - The bull gets you, it’s a pro itself, it’s hardy and tough and will carry any weight you throw at it.


  • Hevier rigs - All the gear and no idea... what harness to buy? If weight is a concern go for the Bull.


  • More expensive setups - Leica shooters, just cause its light and mirrorless doesnt mean you shouldnt go for beefy Bull shackle!


With a fail weight exceeding 500kg the bull physically cannot let you down. unless youre lugging around this beast

Largest Camera Ever

This question is easily the most asked question i recieve, so now you know!

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask, there is no such thing as a silly question.


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Like a fine wine
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Dark Brown Delay
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Holiday shutdown
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