The main thing I love about being a small business (and one thing I hate)

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For me, the reason I love doing Cloverlily. Is I love working with you! My customers.

Working with is a very purposeful choice of words. Every harness I make I make to normally make your working day easier. I work with customers to find the right fit, or find the right colour, style or any myriad of weird and wonderful modifications I've made to my harnesses over the years.

No joke I am making one that use QD clips typically found on rapid release rifle slings for the police and army... Guess where I'm shipping that one... (clue: they love guns and freedom also they pay for healthcare). To be fair, I did have 5-6 of these shackles left in stock as I made a few leather rifle slings and shipped them to Ukraine so this one freedom loving customer was lucky there!

I always like to go out of my way to work with people to make things right, 100% right. But working with people does have its drawbacks. Just like any job, you sometimes work with assholes. I run a small business, things dont go great always for large ones, so undoubtedly things go wrong for small ones too, couriers mess up, names get spelt wrong (sorry brain... BRIAN!) and even once i shipped a customer a pen as an accidental gift! It's all part of this rich tapestry we call life. Things dont always go your way, its how you react to this that shows your true character.

Just a little reminder, be kind. Just because I'm behind a screen doesn't make me not a person. I'm Ben O'Reilly, I am a real person. I literally am Cloverlily, I reply to every email, I make every harness, I pack and dispatch every order.

Also if you think its cool to be mean to nameless employee #23435 that works for mega-corporation #82345 for any inconvenience. You're not the kind of person I want to work with, so save us both the hassle and go buy a harness elsewhere.


Also I'm working on a new website - But you guys are keeping me busy with orders! So its slow going but I'm breaking ground!


This was typed up whilst listening to The Appleseed Cast - Fight Song. Give it a listen!


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