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Stuart an extremely talented Wedding Photographer based in Northern Ireland ordered one of the last few Limited Edition Milk Chocolate harnesses (only 3 left at time of writing!). Since Brexit I have found it a bit hit and miss getting stuff across to Northern Ireland, add in the face the whole world is striking (rightly so, no one is paid enough for our finite time on earth). I wasn't expecting it to get to him as quick as it did, but it seems the stars aligned for this one!

He left me a great five star review on facebook, and for your convenience here it is!

just received my dual strap harness this morning (super fast delivery) and I can say the quality is fantastic!! a perfectly matching companion to my billingham bags . I've only quickly tested it with the cameras attached but could tell immediately that a 12 hour wedding will feel so much better on my back .
keep up the good work Ben !!

Thanks Stuart! Happy snapping!

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