November, Bloody November - Possible Shipping Delays

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In the coming weeks (most of November really...), there will be considerable delays to Royal Mail due to strike action (good for them!)

Its not going to be every section of RM every day, for example some days it'll be drivers, some it'll be sorting staff etc. But as a general rule the days where there will/may be shipping delays are as follows:


November 2
November 3
November 4

November 8
November 9
November 10

November 14
November 15
November 16

November 23
November 24
November 25

November 28

November 30


I am all for backing these strikes, so I will not use alternate courier services. No one on this lump of dirt and stone we call Earth is paid enough or treated well enough, life is absurd, were supposed to be hunting animals or gathering mushrooms not arguing over man made systems like they've always existed, typing stupid blogs in magic boxes so you can read them on your magic box or fighting over lines on a map etc etc Albert Camus bla bla bla Franz Kafka bla bla. 

But just bear in mind before you place a real rush order, or ring me or send me an email asking for updates on where your sweet sweet leather goods are. They're on the way, trust me.

Now its easing off a little bit I've been working on creating some video how to guides and working on my new website (coming ideally January if i can get it done by then). But honestly, anyone else really cant be arsed at the moment?

Thats it, thats all you're getting from me today.

Be good to each other and see you on the other side.



Like a fine wine
Like a fine wine
Dark Brown Delay
Dark Brown Delay
Holiday shutdown
Holiday shutdown
And its live
And its live

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