Im back BABY

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The last few orders received while I was closed down will be leaving by early next week at the latest.


The first few days I feel like I was in a fugue state and since then its been a whirlwind of nappies and baby-grows but I'm here and mama and baby are safe and happy.


So, down to brass tacks. I am keeping the manufacture time of 3-8 days for the foreseeable, for the pretty obvious reason I want to spend time with my baby girl, and I am enjoying watching Curb your Enthusiasm with her asleep on me... Rush orders are possible but I am going to tack on a rush fee from now on.


Etsy store is back open too, not that I want people to use it as its literally THE WORST SELLING PLATFORM EVER.


Also, I am 70% sure I have replied to everyone who messaged me requests or questions. But if I've forgotten, just give me a nudge. 


Thanks for your understanding,


Papa B (not gonna carry that on...)


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