We do ship to The EU, however expect import delays and charges. We do ship to The EU, however expect import delays and charges.

Our Ethos

Devoted to Making Tiny Changes

When Cloverlily Leatherworks started in 2017, I had no idea It would have turned into what it has.

I started Cloverlily with one goal in mind, to create no bullshit leather goods as ethically as possible. To make goods that are aren't just style over substance, that are crafted by hand in the uk. Genuinely, not just marketing nonsense.

That are made from the best materials, not the cheapest, or fastest.

And sourced from the best suppliers, only from fair pay manufacturers. I didnt want to be a brand without a message and that central message is to constantly make tiny changes to the world around us.

Over the years Cloverlily has been running ive have shipped thousands of harnesses, slings, straps and other leather goods all around the world. As well as this, I have also raised over £31000 for charity (Over the wall, Macmillan, Concern and Movember), not including time ive given as a volunteer. Not bad for one man and his two dogs on the Kent Coast.

If you have any questions or feedback dont hesitate to get in touch on 07783 678 213 or Email Me  

The Best Leather

I wanted to source leather that causes the least amount of environmental impact as possible. I really hunted for the best offering and landed with getting my leather from a small family run tannery in Spain, opting for the best quality vegetable tanned hide I could.

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Made To Order

We are all unique shapes, sizes and need so there is no sense in offering an insultingly named "one-size-fits-all" solution. Each item is made to order for you, this means you will receive an item that is as unique as you are.

Crafted by Hand

Each piece is made by hand, using traditional techniques. Meaning each harness is organic, it wears its uniqueness with pride and will develop its own unique patina as its ages.

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The Finishing Touches

I go above and beyond on the finishing, bevelling and burnishing edges, finishing and conditioning with authentic natural finishes. This is the longest part of the manufacturing process it is better to take time on something that will be by your side for the rest of your career.